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Following SK Development, Hong Kong Add Asia Investment Co., Ltd. established wholly-owned subsidiaries Xiamen SK Property Management Co., Ltd., SK (Xiamen) Development Co., Ltd. and SK (Xiamen) Development Co., Ltd. Hotel Indigo Xiamen Harbour in Xi

SK (Xiamen) Development Co., Ltd

Founded in April 2004 with a registered capital of RMB 130 million, SK (Xiamen) Development Co., Ltd. is tasked with the construction and development of the Xinlinghui Plaza Project and hotel, as well as the development and operations of supporting facilities. It also manages its own property management.

Xiamen SK Property Management Co., Ltd

On September 17, 2001, SK Property Management was established with the aim of “providing high-quality management for a building in a prime location with high-quality design and construction”. The Company specializes in providing hotel-style property management for the International Plaza. It offers a comprehensive range of tasteful, scientific, professional and multi-layered services in line with the highest standards, and implements a rigorous service efficiency system and feedback system. Occupants are provided with 24-hour security and housekeeping services, and staff provide attentive personalized management to ensure the efficient operations of all equipment. The Company sets the standards for property management in the city.

As the number of SK projects increase, SK Property Management will provide property management services for the Xinlinghui Plaza, Xinlinghui Life Division, and Tongwen Grottoes.

SK (Xiamen) Development Co., Ltd. Hotel Indigo Xiamen Harbour

SK (Xiamen) Development Co Ltd.,’s hotel is managed by InterContinental Hotels Group, the world’s largest hotel management group. It offers attentive personalized hotel services to discerning customers seeking the ultimate in luxury and unique experience.

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